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Duane Sta. Ana

I'm fascinated you are featuring photos from our place.. (laguna lake, morong, angono) are you from rizal? I am from cardona, rizal. and im starting to dip my hands in photography..


so that's why it's called cordero :)

been following this series of yours curious why it's cordero

you cenrtainly have visited too many places here in my own country


I never thought there was going to be icing. Now, it looks more interesting. I like it. Job well done.

Otto K.

Hmm, I wasn't expecting the icing. Nice set, Sidney.


I hope there are few hungry mouths to feed


Oh my gosh, I've never seen something like this before. Amazing !!!

[t e r r o r k i t t e n]

OK should have looked at this one first! So it's wonderful food in life and in death! Is there a lamb inside the decoration? or it man made through and through?


je ne suis pas sur si j'avais donné mon commentaire sur la serie du agneau. mais je vais donner l'un n'importe comment hehehe. sans doute, il n'y a pas limitation dans la créativité des êtres humain. l'artist doit être tres fier. mais encore ...

i think it looked a lot better without the icing. they destroyed an art piece.


if i don't know that the cordero is made of mashed potatoes, i would have thought that the last picture is a cake. =)


Simply amazing!

Chris Vallancourt

That's amazing -- So much detail and attention paid to something edible.


very impressive, can hardly imagine to eat it :-)


that was pretty unique. :) So lovely. I wonder how it tastes.


Une expression francaise:

Je ne mange pas de ce pain là ;-)


Galeng! :-D

I didn't know we have a cordero dish - and artistically made by a sculptor. Keep these wonderful pics coming, Sid.

Is it really necessary to put icing on a heap of mashed potatoes? Icing + mashed potatoes doesn't seem right to me (especially my taste buds). But what the heck...


I thought it couldn't get any better...and then it does! Amazing preparation of the lamb.


The icing ruined the pretty cordero. They should have left the head exposed at least. Most real lambs do not have that much hair on their faces.

Another great series Sidney. You are terrific!!!

Thanks a million.


Napawow talaga ako.


Fortunately, you shown us the step before the icing. Awesome work from the sculptor.


I dont want the icing ...
I'm glad you showed us without the icing ....


They shouldn't have put icing anymore. The sculptor's effort was "sayang".


More interesting stuff, your blog is certainly an education, always find things I have not seen before.

Ashish Sidapara

haha, this is even better!!


ngekk, what've they done?


I really want to taste that... I wonder how it tastes..

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